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  • I heard this sign from Dr. W. Gordon Walker at Grand Rounds of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, 10 April 1982. [101]
  • No mention of the stain-on-the-pillow sign in this discussion of a case of Goodpasture syndrome. [102]
  • Again, no mention of the sign. [103]
  • The answer must be in here somewhere. [104]
  • Mentions that Mozart was born with a malformation of one pinna which he hid by wearing his hair long. [106]
  • Also notes that Mozart's rival, Salieri, collaborated with Auenbrugger (the inventor of chest percussion) on an opera. [107]
  • Favorably reviewed in New Engl J Med 1992;326:351-352. [108]
  • I generally trust what Cecil Adams writes. In this case, however, he's not much help. The only really useful thing here is that some of his correspondents say that, in addition to men, both women and babies can experience the effect. [109]
  • Blindsight can be induced in normal persons. [111]
  • In this study, covering the eyes of some blind persons affected their pattern of melatonin secretion. Most were blind as a result of retinal disease. Blindness was defined as "no conscious perception of light." How can covering the eyes of a blind person have any effect? [114]
  • Editorial on the article above. [115]
  • Viewpoint on article above. [117]
  • Demonstrates that in persons blind from early age, the visual cortex is recruited to assist in the processing of somatosensory inputs. This may explain the superior tactile abilities of blind people. [118]
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Goodpasture syndrome
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Malformations of the pinna
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Shivers after urinating
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