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High fever and slow pulse
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drug fever, typhoid fever, yellow fever, other infectious and non-infectious conditions
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  • A hot drink can quickly raise oral temperature up to 3°F, but 5 minutes later the rise is only 0.5°. Drinking ice water will lower the oral temperature up to 1°F for 5 minutes. [103]
  • "Before facing the diagnostic enigma so often presented by a case of `F.U.O.,' one should be sure that the `F' component is present." [104]
  • In cases of fever of unknown origin, "relative bradycardia may be useful when present, although it is associated with a substantial differential diagnosis, including typhoid fever, legionnaire's disease, psittacosis, leptospirosis, drug fever, brucellosis, subacute necrotising lymphadenitis, neoplasm and factitious fever." [108]
  • Nice summary of relation between temperature and heart rate. Chapter 5 of this book, by the way, is an interesting history of clinical thermometry. [109]
  • "In healthy young people, the heart rate may increase by 8.5 beats per minute for each 1°C increase in temperature during infection, and by 25 beats per minute per degree Celsius in experimental hyperthermia." [110]
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