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[Unilateral] gynecomastia in an older man
    Differential Diagnosis[Top] [Nav]
sex partner uses estrogen-containing vaginal cream
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    Erratum in printed version[Top] [Nav]
       *[footnote 2] Estrogens were administered by cream, not systemically. Also reports a woman whose hirsutism resolved after her hypogonadal husband stopped using testosterone cream.
    Update Comments[Top] [Nav]
  • The scrotum, by an factor of 3, has the highest transcutaneous hydrocortisone absorption rate on the body. It would not, therefore, be surprising if estrogens, given their structural similarity to hydrocortisone, were equally well-absorbed at that site. [101]
  • Cites reports of boys who developed gynecomastia after exposure to trace amounts of estrogens in fomites or foods. [102]
  • Doubts the nitrate-erection hypothesis of footnote 6, but they ignore the fact that... [see below] [104]
  • ...nitric oxide is necessary for erection. [105]
  • Animal study shows that cyclophosphamide can be transmitted from male to female during mating, and increases the rate of pre-implantation embryo loss. [106]
  • Some female sex partners of men using intraurethral alprostadil complain of vaginal itching and burning. Because alprostadil is embryotoxic, intraurethral use is not recommended when the sex partner is pregnant. [107]
  • A light-headed woman seen in the emergency was found to have her husband's nitroglycerin patch on her buttocks. [108]
    Footnotes in Print Edition[Top] [Nav]
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    New References[Top] [Nav]

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