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Pustule and erythema at the site of a sterile needle prick
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Behçet disease
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  • This overview of Behçet disease for residents says:
    Skin pathergy is a criterion for the diagnosis of Behçet's disease and is manifested clinically by an area of erythematous induration of 2 mm or larger at the site of a needle stick. Pathergy is maximally visible by 48 hours and resolves in 4 to 5 days. Erythema without induration is considered a negative test result. When used in conjunction with other diagnostic criteria, the sensitivity and specificity of skin pathergy in detecting Behçet's disease range from 71 to 100% and 86 to 98%, respectively.
  • In contrast to Hooten's paper, cites Ozarmagan's paper and says "the skin hyper-reactivity reaction, long held to be pathognomonic of Behçet's disease, is of limited value as a diagnostic tool." [106]
  • Favorably reviewed in Mayo Clin Proc 1989;64:1199. [109]
  • "Lesions of pyoderma gangrenosum often follow a minor injury, a sequence known as pathergy." [110]
  • Pathergy in pyoderma gangrenosum is clinically distinct from the needle test used in Behçet disease: "Typically [in pyoderma gangrenosum], often in response to slight trauma, an erythematous nodule or acneiform lesion appears... and rapidly ulcerates, commonly enlarging to over 10 cm in diameter, with satellite ulcers forming around the initial lesion." [111]
  • In this case report, a "history of formation of a sterile abscess at the site of a tetanus injection suggested pathergy." [112]
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Other causes of pathergy
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