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Red macule or papule, expanding to become an annular lesion up to 70 cm in diameter
    Differential Diagnosis[Top] [Nav]
Lyme disease
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       *I no longer track the literature on Lyme disease and its cutaneous manifestations; it is now well outside the zebra realm.
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  • Impressive photo of the "racquetball bull's eye:" a ringed skin lesion that develops after a high-velocity racquetball strikes the skin. There is a central ecchymosis, surrounded by a ring of erythema, surrounded by a large outer ring of ecchymosis. As the ball strikes the body, the subcutaneous vessels at the impact site are compressed, forcing blood peripherally at high pressure, causing rupture of the capillaries at the margin of the impacting surface. Relative cutaneous pallor is left under the point of impact. If the ball is compressible, like a racquetball but unlike a baseball, a central contusion will also occur. [105]
  • Lancet 1996;348:1646 reprints a photo of the characteristic bruise produced by a squash ball: a central pale area surrounded by a ring of erythema. [106]
    Footnotes in Print Edition[Top] [Nav]
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    New References[Top] [Nav]

Lyme disease
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Other ringed skin lesions
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