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Arthralgias in a woman with breast scars
    Differential Diagnosis[Top] [Nav]
postmammoplasty connective tissue disease (human adjuvant disease)
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       *[footnote 2b] Volume is 17, not 47.
    Update Comments[Top] [Nav]
  • Non-mammary-silicone is card AB-003. [101]
  • The FDA decided in 1988 not to ban silicone breast implants. [107]
  • Does not address syndromic associations of hypomastia, e.g. mitral valve prolapse [NEJM 1983;309:1230-1232]. [110]
  • Is this another type of cosmetic implant surgery with immunological side effects? [111]
  • Men are not immune from leaking silicone syndromes. [112]
  • Discusses a lawsuit alleging babies of silicone-implanted mothers are injured by transplacental passage of silicone and by silicone in mother's milk. But one physician notes there is more silicone in proprietary milk products than in breast milk and that silicone is a major constituent of plastic nipples on baby bottles. [113]
    Footnotes in Print Edition[Top] [Nav]
    (1) Systemic reactions to silicone implants is certainly no longe a zebra!
    (1a) Silicone mastitis in "topless" waitresses and some other varieties of foreign-body mastitis.
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    (2b) Silicone and rheumatic diseases.
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    (4) Post-mammoplasty connective tissue disease.
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    (5) Post-mammoplasty human adjuvant disease.
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    New References[Top] [Nav]
    101.Non-mammary-silicone is card AB-003.

Clinical papers
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Epidemiological papers
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