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Terror and muscle spasms, provoked by blowing a gentle stream of air onto the face
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  • Bats caused 15 of the 28 cases of human rabies acquired in the United States since 1980, and most of these patients never reported a bite or a scratch. Thus, the CDC recommends "in situations in which a bat is physically present and the person(s) cannot reasonably exclude the possibility of a bite exposure, post-exposure prophylaxis should be given unless prompt capture and testing of the bat has excluded rabies infection." [101]
  • Strong evidence that the incubation period of rabies in humans can last up to 6 years. [102]
  • Nice analysis of the Smith paper. Mentions that rabies may be contracted without an animal bite, e.g. via corneal transplant, via contact with saliva from infected animals, or via inhalation of the virus in a laboratory or bat-infested cave. [103]
  • T Hemachudha et al note that dogs can be chronic asymptomatic excretors of the rabies virus. This is truly frightening. The question is, can such dogs transmit the virus to humans? [104]
  • Princeton historian Gerald Geison has scrutinized Pasteur's scientific notebooks and found evidence of serious scientific misconduct. [105]
  • "We all now know that the human vampire never really existed. Or did he? A bite from an irrationally aggressive animal leads to aggressively psychotic behavior in the human victim. Doesn't it sound like rabies?" [106]
  • Contains the CDC recommendation about bats quoted in the paper by Feder. [114]
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