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"Yeah, Doc, everybody at home has this miserable winter cold"
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carbon monoxide poisoning
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       *The literature on carbon monoxide is, of course, enormous. Please keep in mind the spotty and random nature of the citations which follow.
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  • Methylene chloride is a colorless, widely used solvent that is metabolized to carbon monoxide. In addition to its direct toxic actions on the lung and nervous system, it may also present as carbon monoxide poisoning. Think of it in adolescent solvent-sniffers and in middle aged adults with chest pain after using paint remover. [109]
  • Other noxious gasses may be emitted by equipment used in indoor recreation areas. The author later apologized for the title of his article [see Arch Int Med 1997;157:135]. Why Zambonis are so cool is an unsolved mystery of nature. [110]
  • Found toxic CO levels during tractor pulls, monster-truck jumps, and a mud race event held in an indoor arena with a seating capacity of approximately 16,000. [113]
  • Remember that huge snowstorm in January 1996? [115]
    Footnotes in Print Edition[Top] [Nav]
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    New References[Top] [Nav]

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